Govern your SaaS development, understand platform inventory and automate code reviews

SaaS by Nature, Quality by Design
Improve the quality of your SaaS deployments while increasing the development velocity and reducing the cost of change.

An in-depth review of your SaaS platform

Govern your software development and automate code reviews for ServiceNow, Salesforce & SharePoint

Detect development issues early in the process. Help your developers follow best practices from our extensive and customizable list. Give your architects insights to help them build even better applications. Scan your SaaS instances, update sets or git repositories (including feature branches!)

Code errors identified

Automate code reviews to analyze and detect where best practices have not been followed. The affected lines of code are highlighted with a link to the best practice.

On demand analysis

Schedule scans as often as you need. Notifications are sent to your smartphone with a global and health KPIs.

Intuitive user-friendly dashboard

Review the latest instance information in easy to understand and comprehensive dashboard displays.

The Quality Clouds Lifecycle

End to end SaaS governance to streamline your DevOps processes. Optimize your cloud investments by detecting potential development issues in real time with software, giving developers valuable insights into their code.

Quality Clouds uses its findings from your SaaS platforms and allows you to easily integrate them into other platforms such as Jira, ServiceNow and Slack, in order to drive efficient development processes.

Automate Code Reviews

Discover and Take Inventory

Step 1 – understand the current shape of your platform. How many configuration elements do you have and what is the degree to which your platform is customized?

Automate Code Reviews

Step 2 – analyze what you have against best practices. Figure out the quality of what you have and establish a proper system to measure it.

Govern and Control

Step 3 – use tools to focus in on specific parts of your platform and development process in order to increase quality and reduce technical debt.