May 2018

Common mistakes when building your ServiceNow Catalog post image

Reading time: 4-5 minutes Audience: ServiceNow Administrators; Catalog developers; Platform owners ServiceNow provides very powerful functionality around Service and Product Catalog management. Indeed, this is one of the most used platform capabilities, and what is more important, one of the most widely visible in an organisation. A well defined and optimised catalog, built following Catalog Best Practices, can contribute to a seamless user experience, in which users can...

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Whitepaper - ServiceNow development report for Q2 2017 to Q1 2018 post image

Intended audience: anyone interested in development activities in the ServiceNow platform, from C-level executives to developers. Throughout the last year Quality Clouds has been used by many organisations to command and control their ServiceNow implementations. This report presents the most relevant findings and take-aways on how organisations can identify development risks, tackle problems at source, and avoid issues in the future. Download available here  ...

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