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Who we are

QC is a non-invasive cloud-based software that provides code analysis and development governance for your low-code cloud platforms allowing companies to deliver better and quicker.

Our vision: Clean code!

Quality Clouds is a team of professionals from different technological and sectorial backgrounds – cloud computing, front-end, business analytics, big data, ServiceNow,  SalesForce and more – sharing our knowledge to help you streamline your SaaS developments.

​We are passionate about ensuring that our customers get the most out of using their cloud investments through the use of our software solutions.

​The company was established in 2015 and it was that year that we hired our first developer. Late in 2016 we launched QC for ServiceNow. Within a few weeks, we received our first customers and started scanning ServiceNow instances non-stop.

By of April 2017 we had scanned more than 173K configuration elements and 400K+ lines of ServiceNow coderesulting in the identification of more than 30K areas of improvement in helping customers to identify bottlenecks and streamlining the code of ServiceNow instances. 

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