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  • Security

    Quality Clouds Security Communication – Log4j Vulnerability (CVE-2021-4428)

    Regarding the Log4j zero-day vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228), in Quality Clouds we have assessed the impact of this critical zero-day exploit and concluded that none of the Quality Clouds systems or products are affected by the vulnerability.  The IT team has reviewed all of our repositories and infrastructure, to make sure that the vulnerable Log4j library is … Continued

  • Best Practice Quality Clouds Salesforce

    Best Practices for Salesforce Flows

    What Goes Wrong With Poorly-Designed Salesforce Flows and How to Put it Right The use cases for Flows are unlimited. As every Salesforce admin with no apex code knowledge can create and use flows, they are becoming very popular. However, if the flows are poorly-designed, they can become difficult to manage, create a mess in … Continued