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The Latest in SaaS Thought

  • Quality Clouds ServiceNow

    ServiceNow Health Check – Run it within minutes

    Quality Clouds is the independent implementation validation for SaaS Platforms. It is a self-service off-the-shelf automatic instance healthscan for your ServiceNow instances. It detects the lines of code added into your instance, the out-of-the-box (OTTB) elements that have been modified, number of violations of ServiceNow, Javascript and your own custom best practices, the number of … Continued

  • Quality Clouds ServiceNow

    Adding bespoke code checks into QC for ServiceNow

    QC for ServiceNow allows you to easily create your own code checks through the use of regular expressions (RegEx). The default quality profiles used in QC for ServiceNow will work for most projects, but you can easily tune them to fully match your needs. Examples of adding your own rules can vary from using naming conventions for functions or … Continued