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The Latest in SaaS Thought

  • Coding ServiceNow

    Advantages of Scoped Applications in ServiceNow

    What exactly are Scoped Applications and what are their advantages in ServiceNow? To set the stage, we’ll begin with what a scoped application is, discuss some of the benefits using scoped applications vs. developing in the global scope, and then finally we’ll talk through some of the common use cases for scoped apps.   What … Continued

  • Project Management Salesforce

    Reducing Salesforce Project Complexity

    What is complexity? It is where certainty and the gradient of agreement meets. Let’s have a look at the ‘Stacey Chart’: Where there is simplicity, you have high certainty and agreement. Within Salesforce these are opportunities to get them scheduled or even better automated! Items at the top right, are not ready to tackle yet, … Continued