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Single Pane of Glass for your SaaS
Our automated solution ensures your company deploys good quality customizations and is able to operate your SaaS in an optimal way

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Detect development issues early. Help your developers follow SaaS vendor best practices. Warn your admins when an alert happens.

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Spot errors in code

Code is analyzed to detect where best practices have not been followed. The affected line of code is highlighted with a link to the best practice.

On demand analysis

Scans can be scheduled as often as you need. Notifications are sent to your smartphone with a global and health KPIs.

Multi-SaaS dashboard

Save multiple hours per week by managing all of your SaaS platforms on a single dashboard

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Streamline your DevOps processes

Optimize your cloud investments by detecting potential development issues in real time, giving developers valuable insight into their code.

Securely connect your instance

Connect your platform to Quality Clouds' non-invasive tool with no installation required. Quality Clouds only accesses code and configurations, not data tables.

Launch the analysis

Run a scan in minutes through a trustworthy analytical configuration exploration via API.


Get actionable data in a MIS style dashboard that helps managers makes decisions.

Act on findings

With the insights provided by Quality Clouds you will be able to fix the code of your environments and understand ROI of your SaaS

Quick and easy,
code is checked instantly

Point QC to your cloud instance and get an in-depth analysis of your work. Check for non-adherence to the cloud vendor and JavaScript best practices before migrating the code into productive environments.