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Which Platforms do we Provide Solutions for?

Quality Clouds is a multi-SaaS solution which lets
you govern all your SaaS platforms from a single portal.

Make SaaS sustainable, secure and reliable

Beyond traditional static code analysis tools, Quality Clouds is designed to automate software development tasks for SaaS platforms, with a connected, real-time view for all your SaaS configurations in one place. Get daily KPIs on platform healthiness and productivity.

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How can Quality Clouds help?

Accelerate Development

Automate your DevOps pipeline, with the ability to remediate up to 5x faster

Increases Reliability

Prevent issues at source, retaining control of your development timetable

Reduce Platform Costs

Improve resource allocation with increased transparency over areas of concern

Standardize and Scale your SDLC

Increase platform governance with development baselines and inventory management

How does Quality Clouds Work?

Quality Clouds runs diagnostics on your SaaS development and production environments, be they in instances, update sets or git repositories.

Once connected to our portal via REST API, you can achieve transparency over your code and configuration, with full analysis against our ever expanding centralized database of best practices. This lets you get insight into platform inventory, with technical debt measurement and automated static code reviews.

Through using our different tools over the course of your software development life cycle you can implement a best in class governance strategy and build a high performing platform.

Our development tools focus on helping you to prevent issues at source, with production solutions focusing on keeping your maintenance costs as low as possible.

What’s special about Quality Clouds is that you can find information about multiple instances across different SaaS platforms all in one place, making it easy to find out about all your different SaaS investments at a glance.

Expanding the Capabilities

Alongside the baseline Quality Clouds toolset, there are a number of ways to expand your control over your development process depending on your license. ries.

One of the most impactful is Quality Clouds LiveCheck functionality which provides real-time code and configuration reviews. Available for both Salesforce and ServiceNow, it helps developers tackle issues at source, saving significant time and costs down the road.

For further enhancing your SDLC, you can also get access to our new Quality Gates functionality. This allows you to baseline older issues, laser focus on preventing new ones and gives you configurable control valves to prevent poor quality code from entering your platforms.

We also have a number of benefits for platform security and production instances. Included by default in the enterprise license, we offer SSO functionality for a more seamless and secure experience for your team. We also have operational scanning functionality that will let you run daily scans against crucial KPIs around user adoption, license usage, and other platform-specific operations metrics. For more information about these features make sure to check out our docs or get in touch with us directly!

What about Integrations?

Quality Clouds integrates with a range of different solutions externally to help integrate into your existing processes.

We have integrations for work management tools such as Jira and Agile 2.0, DevOps tools such as Jenkins and release management tools such Copado. We also have an API available if you’d like to create a custom integration of your own.

Please check our documentation for more on some of our existing integrations or get in touch. We’re always interested to learn which future integrations might make the most impact on our users!


Providing the tools to accelerate secure, sustainable and reliable SaaS development with automated configuration reviews

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