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Quality Clouds for Office 36
Platform owners

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QC for Office 365 – Managers and platform owners – SharePoint Online Governance

Get full visibility on what’s happening under the hood in your Office 365 cloud.


Govern all development activity in your SharePoint Online with ease. Understand who did what, where and when.

Scan your productive environment and SharePoint git repositories ( Github, Bitbucket, Azure DevOps)

Get a single view of all your git repositories and Office 365 cloud

Actively monitor license usage across all your purchased Office 365 products and services

Automatically track changes in the structure of your SharePoint Sites and Lists

Trends: Understand the trends of all the main KPIs over time. Are you getting better?

Level up your operations and give your Ops teams valuable insights so they can solve issues in the your Office 365 through gamifying the development process

Understand the user adoption of your environment

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