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Code & Configuration Reviews

Detect development issues early. Help your developers follow Salesforce best practices. Understand any new asset added into your org.


Capture non-adherence to best practices while coding before they become errors. Scan git repositories hosted on all major platforms: Github, Bitbucket, Azure DevOps

Automated developer feedback

Provide changes in functionality to your testing teams and give valuable architecture insights to your release managers

Capture code duplication in your orgs

Understand changes that can negatively affect the performance of the org

Code & learn - let developers learn while coding (line of code & wiki to the solution)

Implement your very own coding best practices

Link directly to the issue from the dashboards

Monitor code changes from different orgs or the same org but different moments in time

Assess your code against more than 150 best practices (Salesforce and APEX)

Join the CI community by implementing continuous scans through our Jenkins adaptor

A guided overview

QC for Salesforce

Available on AppExchange

Identify and classify potential issues in the following areas


Detects code that could negatively affect the platform's performance


Identifies inefficient customisations that have grown unchecked over time


Warns about changes in the code that might affect further developments


Scans for properties in the platform that could harm its security

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