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Quality Clouds for Salesforce
Platform owners

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Govern Your Salesforce orgs

Get full visibility on what’s happening under the hoods


Full health check of your Salesforce orgs

Govern all development activity in your orgs with ease. Understand who did what, where and when

Scan your org or a git repository

Get a profiling of the org within minutes

Number the technical debt of your platform

Understand the overall quality of the configuration

Perform GDPR checks already in development time

Capture passwords stored in the code or calls to unsafe protocols or external sites

Get the new LoC (Lines of Code) added

Trends: Understand the trends of all the main KPIs over time. Are you getting better?

Achieve smooth go-live

Level up your operations and give your Ops teams valuable insights so the can solve issues in the org through gamifying the development process

Code & learn - let your programmers learn while coding without introducing technical debt in the platform

Improve the platform user experience

Understand the user adoption of your org

More than 150 best practices implemented and you can add your own rules

Get a profiling of the org within minutes

The best way to understand how we can help you is to see the platform in action.

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Identify the main development KPIs
of your instance and their trends

Tech Debt

Development time to solve the issues

LoC And CEs

Is your instance over customized? Understand the Lines of Code and Configuration Elements being added into your org

Quality Of Cloud

QoC provides an indication of the overall health of your instance


As time passes, understand the evolution of the main development KPIs of your org

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