Govern Your Salesforce Orgs – Salesforce Health Check

Govern Your Salesforce Orgs – Salesforce Health Check

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Development Governance. Code Reviews. Admin alerts.

Quality Clouds for Salesforce is the realtime Development Governance tool that allows companies to understand the health trends of their Salesforce orgs and helps admins to identify risks before they become a problem.

Quality Clouds + salesforce

NEW: Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery with the QC Jenkins plugin

Jenkins plugin for Salesforce

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Enhance supervision, minimize staffing risks and take informed decisions in real time

Avoid technical debt.

Capture issues early in the process before they become errors.

Achieve smooth, hassle-free releases to production

Provide changes in functionality to your testing teams and give valuable architecture insights to your release managers.

Monitor changes that can negatively affect the performance of the org.

Level up your operations and give your Ops teams valuable insights so they can solve issues in the platform through gamifying the development process.

Code & learn - Programmers can learn while coding without introducing technical debt into the platform.

Get alerts of your org before they become a problem.

Get trends and statistics of user adoption of your org.

Manage multiple orgs from on single dashboard.

Identify and classify potential issues in the following areas


Detects code that could negatively affect the platform's performance


Identifies inefficient customisations that have grown unchecked over time


Warns about changes in the code that might affect further developments


Scans for properties in the platform that could harm its security

Features for Developers, Testers and Release Managers

Scan on-demand the code to detect where Salesforce, APEX and JS best practices have not been followed.

Link directly to the issue from the report.

Get automated updates via email after each scan.

Comparison between different orgs in a single display view and also different dates.

Testing teams and release managers can identify changes in the code and by org.

Write-off issues: ability to accept issues and hide them in the dashboards.

Features for Managers and Architects

Monthly activity digest email with trends and KPIs.

Get the technical debt of your org and its trend across multiple scans.

Create your own ruleset and check the code against your own standards.

Compare the code between different scans and even between different orgs. Understand trends.

Jenkins plugin to enable continuous improvement model.

Access via API - Export issues and data to your own repositories or connect to JIRA or other systems. Trigger scans via API.

Constantly monitor your GDPR compliance and Data Privacy issues.

Gamification - Create healthy competition within your team and identify the best developer of the month!

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