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Admin Bot

The bot is an automated process that runs periodically against your productive instance and warns you about alerts that need urgent attention


Define the frequency for the Admin Bot to run

Get the alerts in your email

Monitor user activity by profile (admin, fulfiller, approver)

Understand the user adoption of your instance; drill down by departments

Automatically detect failures in data import and scheduled jobs

Detect slow homepage loads for all your users

Capture maximum and average transaction execution times

Review platform utilization over time

Be alerted when the number of Admins passes a certain threshold

Analyse your data distribution profile between objects and files

Review the daily failed import jobs

Check the number of never logged users

Extend the analysis to development activities whenever you want!

Get daily alerts in your email and be ahead of complaints before they happen


Get a description about the alert in your instance


Understand the impact it might have in your instance


See the criticality of the alert (Critical, Major, Minor, Warning, Info)


Grouping of alerts in different categories or areas

The best way to understand how we can help you is to see the platform in action.

This is a fully functional trial that you can set up by yourself

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