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Office 365 Governance

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Continuous Governance and Code Reviews for Office 365

Quality Clouds for Office 365 is the realtime Governance tool that allows companies to understand what’s happening on their Office365 clouds. From code quality to usage.


Understand all the Sharepoint sites you have and the evolution over time

Avoid technical debt

Capture Sharepoint coding issues early in the process before they become errors

Identify dormant licenses and understand trends over time

Check the Sharepoint lists and trends

Level up your operations and give your Ops teams valuable insights so they can solve issues in the platform through gamifying the development process.

Code & learn - Programmers can learn while coding without introducing technical debt into the platform.

Rationalize your development footprint.

Improve your platform user experience.

Identify and classify potential issues in the following areas


Detects code that could negatively affect the platform's performance


Identifies inefficient customisations that have grown unchecked over time


Warns about changes in the code that might affect further developments


Scans for properties in the platform that could harm its security

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