ServiceNow Development Governance Tool – Health check

ServiceNow Development Governance Tool – Health check

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Code Analytics for ServiceNow

Quality Clouds for ServiceNow is the quality management tool that helps companies build applications at lightspeed by assisting developers in writing clean code at the highest quality standards.

Quality Clouds + service now

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Govern all development activity with ease. Get daily or weekly KPIs.

Avoid technical debt.

Capture issues early in the process before they become errors.

Achieve smooth go-live and avoid the hassle

Provide changes in functionality to your testing teams and give valuable architecture insights to your release managers.

Monitor changes that can negatively affect the performance of the instance.

Level up your operations and give your Ops teams valuable insights so the can solve issues in the platform through gamifying the development process.

Code & learn - let your programmers can learn while coding without introducing technical debt in the platform.

Rationalize your development footprint.

Improve your platform user experience.

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Identify and classify potential issues by the following areas


Detects code that could negatively affect the platform's performance


Identifies modifications that can inhibit ServiceNow regular upgrades


Warns about changes in the code that might affect further developments


Scans for properties in the platform that could harm its security

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Features for Developers and Testers

Scan the code to detect where ServiceNow and JavaScript best practices have not been followed.

Link directly to the issue from the report.

Check web services connected to your instance and detect possible issues.

Monitor code changes.

Testing teams and release managers can identify changes in the code classified by functionality.

Features for Managers and Architects

Compare the quality of the code between different releases.

Get insights into the amount of work required to upgrade to a new version of ServiceNow.

Create your own ruleset and check the code against your own standards.

Detect which processes and applications have been configured the most.

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