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ServiceNow Instance Profiling

QC for ServiceNow starter edition provides you with an automatic instance health-check of your ServiceNow instances. This is a free baseline edition and it detects the lines of code added into your instance, the out-of-the-box (OTTB) elements that have been modified, number of violations of ServiceNow and Javascript best practices, the number of new elements added into the instance and much more.

What do we mean by configuration elements added? That could be anything from a business rule to a client scrip, ACL or a new dictionary entry. It can be also useful when comparing different environments.

On top of that, you can also see which applications are the most configured in an instance. Are we scoping well all the elements into their application? You can find it also here. If you see many configuration elements which belong the global scope, that’s a sign that needs to be reviewed, specially if we started developing applications after the Fuji release, when scoped applications came into scene. If we detect new applications with no elements associated to it, then something went wrong in the customisation.

instance health check screenshot


Modifying OOTB elements needs to be done with care, specially when we change business rules and client scripts. In our next ServiceNow upgrade we will have collisions  if the original element was changed by us and a new version comes with the release. The collision will be stored in the upgrade history log and we will have to review each of the skipped elements and take a decision. That’s going to be a tedious task if we have many elements changed.

Doing checks on a regular basis on our instances will save us time and hassles down the line.

You can give now to developers & architects the tools they have in other programming languages and platforms. QC for ServiceNow is a great aid for everybody participating in the SDLC of ServiceNow!