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Quality Clouds Solutions

Products: QC for ServiceNow; QC for Salesforce; QC for SharePoint

Solutions by Business Needs

Technical Debt Management

Identify risks and prevent technical debt. Easily quantify and tackle both historical and new technical debt with cutting-edge solutions.

Team Governance

Optimize team performance with governance and actionable intel. Deploy your team and collaborators effectively with full transparency and meaningful insights.

Solutions by Initiative

Center of Excellence

Run an effective Center of Excellence to govern and de-risk your platform. Gain deep insights into your deployment and let your team pinpoint specific risks alongside the tools to prevent them at the source.

Project Baselining

Run more successful projects with effortless baselining. Take advantage of automation to accurately baseline and benchmark your platform for better results.

CI/CD Pipeline Quality Control

Accelerate development with a fully-fledged CI/CD pipeline. Create a sustainable CI/CD pipeline designed to deliver results quicker and provide your team with greater control.

Static Code & Configuration Analysis

Save significant time on reviewing code and configuration. Build your platform to best practice, accelerating development speed and increasing code review accuracy.

Solutions by roles


Ensure your SaaS platforms are fully compliant. Identify risks and adhere to standards and regulations using Quality Clouds.

C- level

Achieve maximum ROI from your SaaS stack. Understand the risks, benefits, and challenges facing your various SaaS platforms from one centralized location.


  • Technical Debt Management

Creating a Sustainable DevOps Pipeline – Linde Case Study

Situation Linde’s small team maintains a complex Salesforce setup with 3 orgs and more than25 custom apps. It’s currently used by over 10,000 users in over 50 countries. From thestart, the team had ambitious plans for their Salesforce implementation, with a wealthof ideas for both internal and external business use. Using an agile philosophy theywere … Continued

  • Compliance

Increasing The Development Velocity – Major International Bank Case Study

Situation As they were developing and expanding their ServiceNow implementation, the bankrealized that technical debt was being introduced and mounting in the background.Over time, this would have driven up the cost of change and made development lesspredictable. To tackle the problem, they devised a three-point plan to first measure it,then stabilize it and then finally … Continued

Major International Bank Case Study
  • CI/CD Pipeline Quality Control

Harnessing the Power of Best Practices – EDP Case Study

Situation As an early and innovative customer of ServiceNow, EDP’s needs went beyond theinitially available out-of-the-box functionality. They, therefore, began to customizetheir platform to better adapt it to their business requirements. As time went on andServiceNow began to release the required functionality, EDP started to look at phasingout their old customizations.Having established this as an … Continued


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