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Center of Excellence

When setting up or improving your Center of Excellence, one of the most important methods for success is having a proper governance strategy in place with effective measurements. You can only fix and control what you know about, so having the right toolset in place for that is vital. Quality Clouds is here to make this easier.


Achieve full multi-instance transparency in one place with platform inventory

Create a strong governance strategy supported by insightful metrics for increased ROI

Prevent risks and security vulnerabilities with a unified approach

Whether for Salesforce or for ServiceNow, the top priority for your Center of Excellence is having a proper analytics and measurement framework. Given the scale of modern SaaS platforms, manual solutions are both impractical and unable to keep up with frequent changes. Automation is required.

Once implemented, you will be able to action crucial platform actions, enhancing security and building your platform to best practice. This will lead to a strong return on investment and a platform more ready for accelerated development.

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