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Accelerate development with a fully fledged CI/CD pipeline

Create a sustainable CI/CD pipeline designed to deliver results quicker and provide your team with greater control

Quality Clouds for CI/CD Pipelines

Building a Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipeline is essential for quickly and effectively implementing new functionality. With a properly developed one, you can reduce errors through automation and approach platform development with a far more iterative approach. However, speed without quality is risky.

Left unchecked, CI/CD pipelines can grind to a halt due to unaccounted for technical debt. This defeats the very purpose they are designed to achieve.

Prevent issues at source with real time code and configuration checking

Employ quality gates to stop poor quality code from entering your platform

Integrate with your existing CI/CD toolset to achieve better results

Quality Clouds provides you with the toolset to implement a CI/CD pipeline which will deliver sustained development acceleration.

This starts with a real time code checking solution that analyzes your work as it is being written, saving substantial costs on remediation down the road.


Our quality gating stops code from moving between environments based on defined criteria, giving you the power to enforce quality control.

In addition to this, Quality Clouds provides you with full analytics transparency to let you see how your developers are working and if any areas of the pipeline are of lower quality. Quality Clouds is fully integrated with various tools throughout the SDLC, with integrations for git, IDEs such as Visual Studio Code and work management tools such as Jira.

This provides a fully comprehensive toolkit well equipped to complement and increase the efficiency of your current solutions.


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