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Static Code & Configuration Analysis

Save significant time on reviewing code and configuration. Build your platform to best practice, accelerating development speed and increasing code review accuracy

Quality Clouds for Automated Configuration Reviews

Code reviews are an inevitable and essential part of development lifecycles. Yet they consume a lot of time, especially among valuable senior developers. Even teams with a strong focus on checking their code quality rarely have time to look over 100% of their code, allowing the possibility of unforeseen technical debt creeping into the platform. Fully manual approaches drain resources and still struggle to achieve full coverage. This is where automation comes in.


Take advantage of a centralized database of hundreds of best practice rules

Add bespoke rules for your organization to tailor what’s highlighted

Customize rulesets to your own specific needs and standards, including write off capabilities

With a constantly updated centralized database of best practices taken from SaaS recommendations, coding standards, security guidelines and our own views, Quality Clouds can easily review your platform. What once took days can be done with higher accuracy in minutes, saving substantial time for your development team. This lets you focus on the higher value tasks of evaluating and fixing issues rather than spending considerable time simply finding them.


We also recognize every team is different. That’s why we allow full customization of these rulesets, with configurable thresholds and the ability to alter severity or time to fix values. You can even ignore whole rules or write them off an individual basis. Alongside the ability to add bespoke rules specific to your organization, this gives you full control over what standards your team are holding themselves, allowing you to easily measure and demonstrate your success.

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