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The Challenge

Code reviews are complex work carried out by senior architects. This is often an investment or cost, that is difficult to defend. All banks know that senior IT people can be better deployed to other, more visible, work than best practice checks. Automating this process is a priority for CaixaBank, in order to ease the problem of employing expensive developers to carry out manual reviews. Using highly-skilled developers to do low-level work also has an effect on talent retention and churn. Whilst they can assess the quality of changes made by teams and partners, it takes time to review.

The Salesforce Center Of Excellence is a new service. For CaixaBank, it was important for the governance team to apply best practices checks from the very beginning. The bank’s experience shows that the sooner systematic best practice checks are applied, the earlier production problems can be resolved or avoided altogether. The Impact CaixaBank has accountability for code quality. Working with Quality Clouds, they can automatically check code as it is being written. This ensures the new code aligns with coding standards and best practices.

Our experienced developers can focus on innovation because we have confidence in the quality of our code. The Quality Clouds’ technology means we can provide real time checks on code before it enters our Salesforce platform. Giving us peace of mind and the ability to scale at pace

Executive, Caixa Bank

The Impact

CaixaBank has accountability for code quality. Working with Quality Clouds, they can automatically check code as it is being written. This ensures the new code is in line with coding standards and best practices.

These checks happen in a fraction of the time it takes other organizations. The CaixaBank
team can check thousands of changes in just minutes, and even the most skilled IT person
can take a considerable amount of time reviewing a single change, and still only produce:

1. Limited coverage of changes
2. Delays in the release (due to more coverage)
3. Higher costs when more coverage is needed

Any human-dependent mechanism is also always going to be subject to errors; therefore by using Quality Clouds the CaixaBank checking team can switch focus and dedicate themselves to delivering value and productivity. Leaving Quality Clouds to ensure its an always-on best practices surveillance system.

The Solution

CaixaBank successfully deployed Quality Clouds’ technology and boosted its ability to scale.
The advantages are:

1. Provides a real-time LiveCheck to developers
2. Shifts the quality to the beginning of the dev chain
3. Covers all changes and their best practices, at scale
4. Automates the quality controls in all changes before deployment
5. Acts on exceptions only (write-off workflows)
6. Visibility of quality controls held to all changes at scale (attestation of quality being

Through exceptional code quality, the CaixaBank team is driving the scale and speed at
which the bank can operate. This provides the bank with:

Speed – to keep ahead of the competition by building sustainable apps quickly
Scale – a resilient platform that can handle scale at pace
Talent – happy developers are retained
Innovation – budget is released for digital projects to drive growth.

CaixaBank has successfully changed the way it manages its Salesforce platform and its
development team is now at the forefront of change in the organisation.

Quality Clouds offers its customers assurance through embedded automation in their
Salesforce platforms. Our technology will assess and address technical debt and cyber risk.
Leaving your team to get on building functionality. To see how this could work for your
company, drop Quality Clouds a line and organize a free demo of your code.

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