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As an early and innovative customer of ServiceNow, EDP’s needs went beyond the
initially available out-of-the-box functionality. They, therefore, began to customize
their platform to better adapt it to their business requirements. As time went on and
ServiceNow began to release the required functionality, EDP started to look at phasing
out their old customizations.
Having established this as an ongoing goal, EDP decided it needed a way that
would make it easier to identify changes to the out-of-the-box functionality. They
also needed to determine which areas no longer adhered to best practices so that
they could streamline their platform, ensuring the continued delivery of cutting-edge
solutions to their users. This meant that a way of measuring their platform’s technical
debt and effecting best practice management was vital. As was a way to evaluate the
effort that would need to be invested to improve their platform.
Due to the difficult and time-consuming nature of these tasks, it was decided that
an automated tool would be needed to automatically and continuously assess the
platform. Quality Clouds was selected due to its superior usability and results.


As anticipated, Quality Clouds immediately provided a simple and clear indicator of
EDP’s ServiceNow implementation health. This was achieved through scanning their
platform and viewing the results in the Quality Clouds portal. This has meant that
EDP can now identify the areas which require the most reworking with ease. It also
produces solid evidence to support and justify enhancement projects to management.
Best practice adoption has also been driven through consistently validating against
them throughout the development lifecycle with Quality Clouds. Using the tools has
led to an increasing familiarity with ServiceNow design principles among the team,
who now deliver an even higher quality level of the platform with lower levels of technical
debt. This has been adopted as an organic part of development processes.
One crucial place EDP has used Quality Clouds to alter and improve their development
process is in validating their update sets. This has meant potential issues are
caught and prevented much earlier, saving considerable time down the line.


Quality Clouds has empowered EDP to make architectural decisions with an
enhanced and incisive understanding of best practices, contributing to a
healthier platform. In 2019 EDP cut their technical debt by a considerable 74%
and continue to improve their platform. Their signature innovation continues to
drive the team forward to deliver the highest quality experience to their users.

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