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Team Governance

Optimize team performance with governance and actionable intel. Deploy your team and collaborators effectively with full transparency and meaningful insights

Quality Clouds for Team Governance

One of the most challenging aspects of running any SaaS platform is team management. With distributed development often being global in scope, it can be difficult to maintain transparency over different teams and collaborators. Ensuring that everyone sticks to the same standards and has the same definition of a successful implementation is also challenging

With staffing changes and rotating teams, keeping a shared understanding of projects is an incredibly demanding task.


Assess training needs easily with full transparency over-development quality

Manage remote teams more effectively with shared metrics and benchmarks

Onboard new developers quicker with support from real time code checkers

Quality Clouds provides you with rich insights into who developed what and when alongside any best practice violations that may have occurred. This transparency lets you easily assess areas where your team might need more training and evaluate their skill sets. This empowers managers to make smart decisions about which teams to deploy on which projects based on their coding knowledge and platform expertise.

Having a real-time code and configuration checker also makes it easier to get new developers up to organizational standards on the job. This lets them focus on coding and learn on the go, increasing productivity without risk. Remote teams also become significantly easier to manage with shared metrics and benchmarks providing digestible feedback and starting points for conversations. This allows you to more easily catch issues when baselining and refocus attention mid-project as necessary.

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